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Weighing in motion truck axle scales EVEREST 20t (0,6×0,9)D

Original price was: 198000 грн.Current price is: 180000 грн.

Truck axle scales EVEREST 20t (0,6×0,9)D of our production, which are designed for axle weighing of cars in motion, weighing error is ±0.5%.



We offer you the truck axle scales EVEREST 20t (0,6×0,9)D of our production, for axle weighing of cars in motion (dynamics).

High weighing accuracy

Maximum weighing error is ±0.5% at commissioning or ±1% during operation. The error of weighing corresponds to these values (or even smaller), provided that the scales are located in the same plane as the driveways and the driveways before and after the scales have an even horizontal surface over a length equal to the maximum length of vehicles passing through the scales. Otherwise, the error may be greater than these values.

Principle of operation of axle truck scales for weighing in motion

Principle of operation of axle truck scales for weighing in motion is that the weight of each axle of a vehicle passing through the scale is recorded and added to the previous weighing result. Let’s look at an example how it happens. At the beginning of weighing zero readings are shown on the display. After passing the first axle (let’s assume its weight is 5 tons) we will see 5000 kg on the display. After passing the second axle (assume that it weighs 6 tons) the display will show 11000 kg. And so it will be until the vehicle has passed through the scales with all axles. The display will show its total weight. Before you start weighing the next vehicle, you need to zero the previous weighing results by pressing the «ZERO» button or by a zeroing command through the external interface.

Unlike platform truck scales, where the length of the weighed vehicle is limited by the length of the weighing platform, the EVEREST 20t (0.6×0.9)D Portable Vehicle Weigher allows weighing vehicles of any length and weight up to 100 tonnes. They are very well proven in such industries as mining and sale of minerals (crushed stone, sand, coal, etc.), landfills, logistics complexes and customs terminals, agricultural enterprises, construction, etc. The EVEREST 20t (0,6×0,9)D truck scale is the ideal solution for customs terminals, which meets the requirements of customs. They are compact, easy to install and maintain. They are serviceable and easy to integrate into a license plate reading and identification system.

Features of the EVEREST 20t (0,6×0,9)D axle scale

The EVEREST 20t (0.6×0.9)D vehicle axle weighing scales offers high load capacity with low weight and height of the weighing platforms.

The axle scale consist of two low-profile platforms (height about 6 cm), each of which is supported by 4 load cells.

The low weight of the platforms makes it easy to maintain and move the scales from one place to another.

The accompanying installation frames make it quick and easy to install the scales.

The scales are 0.9 m wide and 0.6 m long.

A proprietary weighing terminal, specifically designed for axle weighing of vehicles in motion, is used as a weighing controller.

Technical characteristics of axle scales

– Maximum axle load                                        20 t

– Maximum mass of the weighed vehicle      99,990 kg

– Maximum error of weighing                         ±0,5% (during commissioning), ±1% (during operation)

– Discreteness of weighing (d)                         10 kg

– Useful dimensions of the weight platform  0,6×0,9 m, 2 platforms

– The recommended speed of passage            up to 2 km/h

through weight platforms

– The maximum speed of passage                    5 km/h

through weight platforms

– Ambient temperature                                      -30 °C to +50 °C;

– Degree of protection of load cells                  IP67.

– Supply voltage is 220 V, frequency 50 ± 1 Hz, through an external 12 V power supply.

Delivery set of truck scales EVEREST 20t (0.6×0.9)D:

  1. Two weighing platforms with four load cells.
  2. Weighing terminal (indicator).
  3. Two installation frames for mounting scales in the pit.
  4. Tensometric cable 10 m, from the weighing platforms to the weight terminal. If necessary, we can complete the scales with a longer cable length.
  5. User manual in electronic form.


Lead time – up to 15 working days.

Warranty for scales – 12 months.

To connect and configure the scales, qualified specialists are not required, any of our clients is able to connect and configure the scales on their own and with the help of our recommendations. To check and adjust the metrological characteristics of the scales, you will need a weighed car. The mass of the car must be in the range in which weighing will be most often performed. If necessary, our representative can visit you for an additional payment.

Additional options: metrological calibration (verification), preparation of the place for installation of scales (construction work), automation (reading license plates, etc.) – the price is negotiable.

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