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Truck scales 80 tons 18 m MONOLIT with digital load cells

459000 грн

Truck scales MONOLIT with digital load cells, which are designed for high-precision weighing of vehicles up to 80 tons on the weighing platform length of 18 meters.


We offer you truck scales MONOLIT with digital load cells, which are designed for high-precision weighing of vehicles up to 80 tons on the weighing platform length of 18 meters.

High accuracy weighing

MONOLIT vehicle scales are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DSTU EN 45501 «Metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments» and comply with the medium accuracy class. This means that the maximum error of weighing does not exceed ±0,1%.

Principle of operation of truck scales

The principle of operation of truck scales is that the car to be weighed must completely drive onto the weighing platform and stop. The vehicle is being weighed on the weighbridge using load cells – the signal from the load cells is proportional to the weight of the vehicle. The signal is transmitted to the weighing terminal (indicator) and is shown on the display as the vehicle weight. After the car moves out of the weighing platform, the display will show zero readings.

Features of car scales MONOLIT with digital load cells

Truck scales MONOLIT are distinguished by high bearing capacity – the reinforced concrete weighing platform is designed for harsh operating conditions with a traffic flow of more than 200 vehicles per day. These scales are used in quarries, elevators, concrete factories, ports, etc.

The truck scales MONOLIT have a track width of 1.1 m. At your request, the width can be up to 1.25 m – a free option. This reduces the gap between the tracks to 0.8 m (or 0.5 m). Most other scale manufacturers have a track width of 1 m and a track spacing of 1 m.

We offer truck scales with digital load cells, which gives additional advantages over analog load cells:

  1. Increased protection against electromagnetic interference increases the reliability of the system.
  2. Additional protection against fraudulent interference.
  3. Self-diagnostic capability reduces downtime in the event of malfunctions.
  4. Ability to replace the load cell without recalibrating the scale.

The space between the weighbridge and the ground is 220 mm as standard. This gives easy access for servicing the scale and cleaning dirt from under the weighbridge.

Technical characteristics of the weighbridge

– Vehicles per day                                                      200

– Maximum capacity per axle                                  17 t

– Discreteness of weighing (d)                                20/50 kg

– Accuracy class according to DSTU EN 45501   medium

– Degree of protection for load cells                       IP68

– Ambient temperature

for weight platform and load cells               from -35 ºC to +65 ºC

– Full average lifetime, not less than                     15 years

– The dimensions of the weighing platform        18×3 m

The delivery set of truck scales MONOLIT 80 tons 18 m:

  1. A weighing platform of 8 reinforced concrete sections.
  2. Digital tensometric kit – 10 digital load cells, digital weighing terminal (indicator), digital connecting box.
  3. Tensometric cable 10 m, from the weighing platforms to the weight terminal. If necessary, we can complete the scales with a longer cable length.
  4. User manual.

Lead time – up to 15 working days.

Warranty for scales – 12 months.

Please note that the price on this site specified without shipping costs and costs associated with installation and adjustment of scales.

Additional options: metrological verification, preparation of the place for installation of scales (construction work), automation (reading license plates, etc.) – the price is negotiable.

If you need truck scales with other characteristics (platform size, discrecity of weighing, etc.) or need advice, please contact us.


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