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We invite everyone who wants to earn with us to cooperate. After all, we don’t just sell industrial scales – we sell weighing technologies. By offering our scales to your customers, you are also offering them our experience and support. Your specialization and competence are not important. Perhaps you are related to automation, video recording of license plates, installation of software for accounting / control, or you are an opinion leader (blogger, authoritative expert in your field, etc.), or maybe a manufacturer of equipment in which there is a weighing process. Just think about your business processes and the needs of your customers. Probably some of them need truck scales, scales for weighing bulk materials or weigh batcher. Or maybe some other weighing equipment.

If you have an online store or a trading account on some marketplace, you may be interested in cooperation using the dropshipping system. In any case, we are interested in cooperation, please contact us, we will earn together!


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