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The mass flow meter (impact weigher) ЕVЕREST (0,5×0,5)D – from idea to sales

The bulk solids flowmeter (impact weigher) ЕVЕREST (0,5x0,5)D

A short story of the first mass flow meter EVEREST – why this idea appeared and how we came to its realization.

Weighing solid bulk materials is not a new trend and there are many weighing devices for discrete or continuous weighing process. We were always interested in such scales. Scales for discrete weighing of bulk materials is a high-precision weighing system for technological and commercial weighing. The weighing error of such scales is not more than 0.1%. But these scales are quite large, they have moving parts and they need compressed air. We thought for a long time about how to make something compact, with good weighing accuracy and not requiring highly skilled maintenance. And finally we decided to get started.

We had to develop the design of the scales and the change in the weighing algorithm of the weighing controller. In 2017, we made and sold our first mass flow meter (impact weigher) of bulk materials in streams. And today we still manufacture and sell EVEREST solids flow meters and are constantly working to improve their design. We are absolutely satisfied with the result. In spite of the fact that weighing scales have weighting error about 1% (sometimes up to 3%), they are quite suitable for technological weighing and have many advantages: small size, easy installation and maintenance, reliability, reasonable price.

Everyone knows that when transporting any cargo, it is necessary to strictly observe the weight and size standards. Failure to comply can result in high fines. Bulk solids flowmeter is a good solution to avoid underloading or, even worse, overloading.



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